My passion for light can be traced back to my childhood days. Whether in the school classroom, using a blank sheet from my notebook to reflect window light onto the still-life composition of my pencils and eraser or by gazing up at the sunlight diffused by the canopy of trees in the forest that my childhood home backed onto, I’ve been on a path of capturing light from the start. The reason? Because I love to photograph people and products in their best light and to show just how amazing they really are!

In addition to my photography, I’m passionate about people and discovering their true essence and potential. Even within my logo you can see how important it is to me for you to BE U!

I have a past in Leadsership, People Development and Cultural Change Management Training and am always looking to engage, motivate and value people I work with.

In my downtime, you’ll find me hiking on a nature trail, having a cold beer by the BBQ or planning my next travel adventures. My door is always open, the coffee’s always on and you’re always welcome to chat to me about your passions too.

Connect with me for any of your photography needs, to purchase my art prints, to discuss people and cultural development, and more!

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